Hello there 🙂

Do you follow my Facebook and Instagram pages? Great! Attend occasional shows, and read my email updates? Thank you very much! I really appreciate that. Interested in taking our relationship to the next level?

Starting on Monday July 22, via a special members-only Facebook group, I’ll begin the experiment of hosting LIVE, interactive mini-concerts once a week (various days/times). I’ll share what’s on my mind, sing you a few of my original songs including whatever new one I’m working on, maybe a cover song or two, and we can all chat about life, music, creative pursuits, etc. All from the comfort of our couches, porches, and favorite chairs. Sounds fun, right? 🙂

In the 13 years since those first gigs at Tavern 213, Shenanigans and Tobacco Road, many of you have been instrumental (ha) in encouraging my creative and professional pursuits over the years. You’ve seen the highs, lows, and in-betweens, and your continued support means a lot to me. A LOT, a lot. So I’d love to check in with you all once a week, to chat with you and hear your input as I embark on the harrowing, humbling, and occasionally euphoric journey of writing new songs and creating my next album, preparing for new shows, feeling feelings, and…who knows what else. Not sure what we should expect exactly, but I imagine there will be joy, laughter, frustration, exhilaration…basically the premise of the movie Inside Out, but subtract the editing and add guitars.

To distinguish “casual onlooker” fans from “I’m IN! Let’s do this” fans, I’m requesting a small monthly donation to join this private Facebook group. Here’s how that will work:
For $1/month, receive access to this weekly interactive online concert series + a download of my next album (hopefully within the next 12 months! Hopefully!)
For $2/month: All of the above + a downloadable & streaming playlist of unreleased tracks, demos, and alternate song versions
For $4/month: All of the above + a personalized & signed physical copy of my next album + a special, exclusive bonus gift from me
For $10/month: All of the above + once a year I’ll write a custom mini-song just for you (or a loved one) and send you an mp3 and video of me performing it.

If you sign up before the first show (scheduled for Monday, July 22nd at 8PM Eastern time), you will also receive a “thank you” in the liner notes of my next album!
Click the link below to choose your option and sign up now. Hope to see you Monday night!!

Shauna Sweeney’s Music Community

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