About Shauna

Shauna Sweeney grew up listening to folk songs around campfires and 90’s pop on the radio. With those influences, and the support of family and great teachers, it was no surprise when she began writing and performing songs at a young age. In the years since, her songs have taken her many places: she has performed at hundreds of venues and festivals in the US and internationally, been featured by USAToday and NPR, performed alongside Dave Matthews Band, Train, Gin Blossoms and 10,000 Maniacs, sung the national anthem at 6 major league games, and released 4 original EPs and albums. Her self-produced 2020 album “Happy Thank You Yes More Please” was called “Soulful and organic” by Indie HQ and the Music Lover Podcast praised its “captivating and magical performances.” 

The best part of it all, Sweeney says, is getting to use her voice to connect with people and share moments of joy. After growing up in New England and launching her career in South Florida, she now resides in Colorado. She spends her time writing songs, producing live music events, hiking in the Rockies, and working with local businesses and non-profits to help spread the power of music, creativity and self-expression.

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