South Florida singer-songwriter Shauna Sweeney grew up listening to folk songs around the campfire and 90s pop on the radio. These influences became the sonic palette for her 2020 full-length album, Happy Thank You Yes More Please. Stepping into the producer role, she recorded and performed the majority of the album herself at her home studio. The result is an eclectic and engaging collection of songs with vibrant lyrics, warm harmonies and playful percussion. There are upbeat acoustic pop tunes (“The Flow”, “Happy Thank You Yes More Please”), introspective ballads (“Bittersweet”, “A Little Bit Better”), a soulful and catchy anthem (“You Are the World to Me”), an ethereal vocals-and-drums meditation (“Yours to Choose [Heya]”), and more. Music Lover Podcast pronounced Sweeney’s performance on the album “captivating and magical”.

Aside from recording, Sweeney has performed over 2000 shows in the U.S. and internationally, opening dates for Gin Blossoms, 10,000 Maniacs, and Donavon Frankenreiter and performing events alongside Dave Matthews Band, Natasha Bedingfield, and Matt Nathanson. She’s been featured on USA Today, NPR, Kotaku.com, 97.9 WRMF as a “house band”,  the Brothers in Arms Foundation, Tom’s Shoes, the Miami Dolphins, and has sung the national anthem for the Miami Marlins during six consecutive seasons. She also enjoys hosting songwriting workshops, open mics and music lessons for various non-profits and in private sessions. To stay connected during the Covid 19 pandemic, Sweeney is live streaming songs on her Facebook page every Tuesday at 6PM, EDT.