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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Hey Friends,

Greetings from the McIntosh Inn in ‘breathtaking’ Trenton, NJ. As we turned off the exit to get here, we figured out that we both had chosen this hotel because of the name. And it’s working out quite well! Earlier tonight, we heard four cars of folks pulling in. They were all dressed up, and well into a party night. Ryan cheered them on from the window and suggested we crash their prom night. When a young couple in a dress and and tuxedo joined us in the elevator, I complimented the chick on her cute white prom dress. They giggle strangely and the guys says, ” Yeah, um…we just got married”.
Three days in, and the road is treating us very well. We’ve got two great nights of music behind us– Birdi’s in Atlanta was incredibly hospitable, and very appreciative. I think everyone in the bar was trying to get us drunk. Ryan even got hit on by a lesbian!

Southend Brewery in Charlotte was one of the best stages– and venues– we’ve played. Most of the staff hung at the bar after their shifts, buying us drinks and singing along with the cover songs. One nice waiter dude bought us a round of shots, then downed tequila with us—and ended up leaning over with his face in the bushes 10 minutes later. Not everyone can party like rock stars! Very nice folks though.

No major mishaps to report as of yet, although we did almost lose our check from Birdi’s– I noticed before bed that it had disappeared from my jeans pocket. We searched the car, but came up with nothing. The following morning, I stepped into the shower and saw a soaked, crumpled paper with the signature at the bottom. Good news was I found the check– bad news was it had fallen out of my pocket into the tub the night before. And of course, had Ryan showered with the check before I noticed it in the drain.

Other than a damp check and a broken windshield from flying road rocks, a quasi-heated debate about environmentalists, and witnessing a fleeing police suspect, things are going smoothly. I’m working on a new song, and Ryan has an excuse to wear his hideous “driving cap”.

Hoping all is well at home– next stop The Webster Undergound, Hartford CT!

Take Care,


From The Blog Vault:

Saturday, May 27, 2006



According to Murphy’s Law, of COURSE, Ryan would have to burn his hand on a skillet the morning of a big show. Twice. The day of the Webster show, we made eggs for breakfast on a pan that must’ve come from a third-world country that doesn’t believe in plastic handles. After watching him running his FRET HAND under water the second time I thought, just use the potholder, right? Not so hard. But no– after reaching for the toaster 5 minutes later I, too, fell victim to the skillet. It made some good eggs though.

The gig at the Webster went really well. Five acts took the stage before us– Laura Gancey had a great voice and Liz Woods and her band put on a great show. I got to see friends and family from way back, including my Dad’s entire clan. Singing “I’m Sorry” in front of my grandmother was a bit strange. Thank God for hearing aid malfunction.

The next day, I took Ryan to hike Talcott Mountain, one of my family traditions. Ryan was expecting me to spout knowledge of the mountain’s history, so about half way up I was appeasing him with made-up stories of revolutionary war battles fought from the Heublein Tower. I got to experience some of the local flora and fauna- and wound up with an aggressive case of poison ivy. Eughhh….

Our expedition into New York City was quite an adventure. Ryan had never been in the city, so we checked out the Empire State Building, the Chrystler Building, and the Statue of Liberty. My advice to anyone driving in the city? DON’T. Take a cab, a bus, a helicopter, or find a teleporter or something– just DONT DRIVE. After 15 minutes of dodging cab-driving kamikazes and suicidal pedestrians, Ryan had turned into Rambo 2 and I was afraid for my life. Still fun though…

Before we left Manhattan for Brooklyn, Ryan risked eternal damnation to steal a cane that had been left on the side of Central Park West Rd. I did my best to protest but became a reluctant accomplice when Ryan threw the car in park, jumped out, and passed it through the passenger door. Ryan, I hope you have nightmares of an old man hobbling desperately towards the subway.

Our show at the Living Room in Brooklyn was great– great room, cool folks. We opened for Deborah T, who had a really nice set. She told the crowd about eating saltine crackers with peanut butter and honey for dinner in order to afford a couple of beers that night. That’s when Ryan and I realized how glad we are to live in Miami.

The Airport Road Cafe in Hartford gave Birdi’s some competition for the best show so far. The crowd was VERRY welcoming. Ryan and I had a great time, and I caught up with some people I haven’t seen in 10 years. I wasn’t allowed to leave until I promised my friend Michelle that I would audition for American Idol. Ryan was driving, so he cut himself off early in the night. That is, until someone named Bear offered him a drink– when a giant biker dude in leather offers you a beer, you don’t say no. Ryan and I were very appreciative of the compliments from him and his girlfriend, Squirrel. Yes, that is a true story…

So, we’re off to Boston this afternoon and we’ll be headed back South by tonight. Monday, it’s Eddie’s Attic or bust. Then home to Florida!

Miss you all. See you soon…

Shauna and Ryan

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