Just posted the studio version of my song “Enjoy the Ride”!

Excited to have just posted the studio version of my song “Enjoy the Ride”!!

The song was written a couple years ago in kind of an unusual way… I was playing a show, finished a tune, and then for my next move I decided to just improvise something. Some of the lyrics were changed since then, but the chorus ended up coming out as-is, and I swear, by the 3rd chorus from that very first time I sang it people were singing along. Definitely a cool moment.

Those of you that have my CD Catch the Light already have the acoustic version that was recorded live at the Eddie’s Attic Songwriter Shootout. When my percussion player Shaen and I played it that night, we had a great time and I think that really comes through in the recording. Plus, shortly afterwards I was announced as the “winner” for the evening, which made the night extra special!

This newly released version takes the song to a WHOLE other level. It was recorded by the incredibly talented (Grammy-winning) producer Dan Warner at Picks ‘n’ Strings Studios in Miami FL and I’m excited for you to hear it! It will be available for download soon–in the mean time, click to hear it as many times as you like.  🙂

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