Thank you to Resorts World Bimini for a fun Bahamas weekend!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty neat–I got to take a very fun and interesting trip to perform in the Bahamas! Sending a big shout out to DJ Vertigo and to Ron Eisner of The Resolvers for recommending me for this gig!

The venue where I performed is called Resorts World Bimini, and as I type this they are probably installing another restaurant, shop, club, or infinity pool–this place is being decked out with all the necessities for a relaxing and entertaining weekend. Hop on the Bimini Superfast ferry cruise ship, complete with casinos, food, drinks, music etc and before long you’ll be walking out into Resorts World Bimini. This time around, instead of the SuperFast they flew me down on a seaplane, which was a new experience for me. I was nervous being on such a small plane on a fairly blustery day. But my anxiety was not needed–our pilot Captain Dave did a great job. And I found out that landing on water can feel pretty much the same as landing on a runway! Weird!

The accommodations on the island were great–my villa was equipped with all the comforts of home…AND an ocean view! From the start of the trip until the end, the staff at the resort were all super-helpful. And during my two shows at the resort’s casino, they kept me on my toes by requesting everything from Janis Joplin to Mariah Carey to Shania Twain to Adele…I did my best to accommodate each request, they sang along and it was a lot of fun. The guests were all in great spirits as well–celebrating birthdays and long-awaited getaway weekends with their spouses. Then the SuperFast ferry came in on Saturday evening after my first set, and the party atmosphere went through the roof. I played some songs by Bruno Mars, Lorde and Nico & Vinz and everyone sang and danced along, bright blue island-y cocktails in hand.

During the days we explored the rest of the island, which was awesome. There were moments that reminded me, despite the palm trees that “you’re not in South Florida anymore”–like when a herd of goats crossed in front of my golf cart on the curvy main road, or when I stopped at a restaurant and discovered they were only serving souse. DJ Fresh, one of the popular DJs at Resorts World gave me a tour of some of his favorite hang-outs on the island…there’s a spot where shark feedings happen on clear days; they drop fresh meat off a dock and people can watch the speedy underwater hunters approach. There’s even a metal cage for the particularly daring folks to go down in the water and watch the whole thing at shark-eye-level. Thanks, but I’m staying on land during shark feeding time.

On the end of the island is a beautiful rocky beach, and in the water are the rusty remains of a 50- or 60-ft boat. It’s a haunting but beautiful sight. As is the small cemetery located just up the beach from it. The people buried here are resting for eternity on a moss-covered piece of island next to a group of shady pines and two stretches of perfectly blue-green ocean. Many of flower-covered headstones had the same last names, and a majority of the dates indicated lives lived into their 80s and 90s. Maybe living on this lovely island kept them healthy and youthful.

Thanks very much to everyone at Resorts World Bimini for the hospitality. See you all again soon! FullSizeRender (1)IMG_8547

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