My Facebook page has moved! New tracks and video posted!!

Have you seen my newly-designed Facebook music page?!!  It was just posted, and has three new tracks and a new video to check out! The page was designed by my friend Adam Jones for Red Star Productions, whom I highly recommend.

The new tracks include:

 A studio version of my tune “Enjoy the Ride”, as recorded by the sensational (and Grammy-winning) producer Dan Warner at Picks ‘n’ Strings Studios in Miami FL. The acoustic version of this song, recorded live at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, is featured on my CD Catch the Light but this new version brings it to a whole other level!

A demo of my song “Lesson Learned” which I wrote after an experience of living a little too far over the edge. It’s a meaningful song for me and I hope anyone that hears can take something from it.

An instrumental tune called “Blue #26” recorded at BlueLight Studios. Listening to this song puts me in a really neat mood, so maybe it’ll do the same for you. I look forward to your opinions!

  Let me know what you think of these tunes and all the rest, either at a show, or leave a comment on the NEW FACEBOOK PAGE! And please share it with your friends!!

      Thanks, and Cheers! 

       ~ Shauna S. ~

Isn't my new Facebook music page pretty?

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