Which songs do YOU want to hear on my next album??

Happy May everybody!! One cool thing about May is it’s name… the opportunities are built right it!

Want to go to a concert? You may.

Want to turn your radio volume up? You may.

Want to hear some new songs I wrote? You may!!

Yes, totally cheesy but I don’t care because I’m really excited to be recording new tunes. AND recording some older ones that didn’t make it onto my last album. I’m also going to be working on a music video for one of the new songs! Can’t tell you which one yet, but I think it’ll be fun.   🙂

After this video is done, we’ll be working on a couple more, so… want to help me choose which song I’ll pick for the next video? You MAY! And I hope you will! All you have to do is LISTEN to the songs you like the best, and the song that get the most plays before the end of the month will be next in line for a video!! So share your favorite S.S. song with your Facebook friends, play them for your mother, your neighbor, or your FedEx delivery person. It’s up to you, and if the song you’re rooting for gets chosen, we might just ask you to be in the video, who knows. The power is YOOUURS!   😉

Enjoy your “May”. More news soon, til then,

Cheers all,

Shauna S.





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